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Fixed Length Random Results

Random Generated Value Sets As JSON Array

Containing Random Numbers, Letters, Hex, MixedChars, Noise Image Links, Lottery Numbers, ...

The Maximum is count=25, Maximum length=1000, or count*length<=10.000

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Random Noise Images As JPEG Or PNG

The Source Of Randomness

The extra randomness of our tools comes from two different sources. First there is a cam that produces pictures that are used for the random noise images.

The second source is a microphone that records the environmental audio & noise. That sound and the picture are calculated into values from which we produce our random seeds and values in addition to standard random functions.

noise.png and noise.jpg are the result of the combination of the images from the cam and random generated images by using standard random functions. Even if they look similar. They never will be.

Intended Usage

Use the values you get from this tools as standalone or better combine them with your own generated values to get more randomness through values from an external source.

You can use the values of our result sets (set_json) or utilize our noise-images for what your want and how ever you need it.


        (function() {
            var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
            var randurl="";
            xhr.onreadystatechange = function () {
                if (xhr.readyState == XMLHttpRequest.DONE) {
                    if (xhr.status == 200) {
                    } else if (xhr.status == 400) {
                        console.log('Error 400');
                    } else {
  "GET", randurl, true);

            function doSomething(results) {



Result Values of set_json count 1, length 10 via PHP

echo $data[0]->alphanum_lowercase;
echo '<'.'br>';
echo $data[0]->condition_012;
stdClass Object
    [length] => 10
    [count] => 1
    [numbers] => 7209507851
    [letters_uppercase] => 2URIGURKWO
    [letters_lowercase] => 5hhbvnuhpq
    [letters_mixed] => 9vQusnbJqf
    [alphanum_uppercase] => 36BQNO79RY
    [alphanum_lowercase] => 9pu6vuqka9
    [alphanum_mixed] => 6W6Zkwb3i6
    [hex_lowercase] => 3471483375
    [hex_uppercase] => 3552613150
    [mixed_utf8] => *kRS1Á(47'
    [seed] => 43954.1
    [boolean] => false
    [yesno] => yes
    [condition_01] => 0
    [condition_012] => 0
    [lottery_6of49] => 4,7,8,9,25,36
    [lottery_5of50] => 2,5,12,22,23
    [lottery_stars2of10] => 4,8
    [lottery_stars2of11] => 7,9
    [lottery_7numbers] => 6932978
    [dayofweek] => 5
    [noise_image_png] =>
    [noise_image_jpg] =>
    [file_2k_binary] =>
    [file_2k_text] =>

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