Simple Easy Fast On The Fly URL Image Resizer

Works with gif/jpg/png


  • URL
    Image Link | ?url=
  • W
    Width of result image | &w=300
  • H
    Height of result image | &h=200
  • O
    Options/Filters*: square,greyscale,negative,pixelize | &o=square;pixelize
    * may loose transparency of png
    Re-render/Reload an image. Use it only if the image has changed (it overrides the caching functionality) | &renew=1



Width to 150px

Height to 50px

150px square from width

50px square from height

200px width negative square;square

200px width negative square greyscale;greyscale;negative

200px width pixelized greyscale;pixelize

Image: wikipedia/en/d/d5/Tree-wikipedia.jpg
Photo of Playa Ancón, the beach south of Trinidad, Cuba. Image courtesy of